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Web Site Builder & Designer Meetup in Austria, Vienna • Wien • Vídeň • Beč

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Happy New Year. Prosit 2017!

Next meetup in 2017

Free. Everyone Welcome.

When: We’ll be back in spring 2017
Where: @ sektor5 Coworking Café+Lobby, Siebenbrunnengasse 44, Wien 5

Join us

Add yourself to the Vienna.html Members Directory - free; no database required - just some YAML ;-)

Upcoming talks - To be confirmed

Past meetups


#6 - Tuesday, November 22nd

#5 - Wednesday, October 19th

#4 - Tuesday, June 28th

#3 - Tuesday, April 26th

#2 - Tuesday, February 23rd


#1 - Tuesday, November 24th


Follow along on Twitter @viennahtml for the latest updates.


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June + April 2016: BD Swiss – BDSwiss has web job openings in the Vienna office.

February 2016: Super-Fi – Super-Fi is looking for frontend developers in the Vienna office.

Space / Hosting

sektor5 – coworking space for creatives & startups. grab a table and join vienna’s premier coworking space!